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Biglabs accelerates enterprise's competitiveness in the global economy.


Providing technology solutions to help enterprises meet their every-changing business goals.


Developed Seller portal, Borrower portal, Loan origination, Loan servicing, and Customer Relationship Management services, amongst others.

Blockchain Supply Chain

Created a website to provide a B2B use case for the construction industry, where sellers and buyers engaged in the supply and delivery of construction materials; which is run on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Smart Mall & Smart Store

Designed a Smart Mozo platform for shopping malls and brick-and-mortar retailers to help them address the new demands of the US$20 trillion global retail market.


We develop key technology platforms, applications, and solutions.

Lavalamp Platform

A flexible and powerful distributed search engine to handle massive amount of machine log data in real-time.

ThinkTree Platform

A big data predictive platform that allows up to build massive data mining application to support predictive applications via machine learning algorithms.

Indoor Positioning System

A proprietary technology to deliver 1 meter accuracy, 1 second response time performance for a variety of smart phones in a shopping mall environment.

IOT Platform

An IOT platform that supports energy savings in smart buildings and smart homes with performance requirements of 300,000 sensor message/s and 15,000 users per second.

Cybersecurity Platform

Our newly integrated big data platform, Hadoop-Hbase-Solr-Kafka, supports cybersecurity applications.

Infront Application

An Application enables the dynamic insertion or recommendation of content in any format that is relevant to the individual user, based on the user's implicit behavior and preference.

Pattern Application

A solution that can scan every single bit that flows in and out of your organization to ensure personal data security. Be it social ID, email address, credit card number etc. your organization need to protect these customer data. Pattern Matching App gives you a platform to comply with Personal Data Privacy Act. You set the patterns and Pattern Matching App takes care of the rest.

Genie Application

Genie Application is Question & Answer engine designed to help enterprises find answers to questions expressed in natural language.

Social DNA Application

Providing solutions for predictive applications, marketing programs and target sales for the new Social Media and Mobile Internet in an information abundance era.

Distributed Search & Match Technology

supports big data analytics for machine data and human-generated documents, scanning and matching of data patterns in real-time high speed.

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Behavioural Analytics & Personalisation Technology

supports online services on a massive scale, allows online providers to tailor products and services to suit preferences of customers based on both implicit behavior and explicit indications.

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Content Delivery

supports massive amounts of photos, messages, sounds, and video clips and provides aggregation pipes to deliver these contents to customers online at highspeed.

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With Biglabs, our customers gain social and operational intelligence that provide same-changing benefits for their businesses customers.

"We are using Biglabs software products to improve service levels, reduce operational costs, mitigate security risks, enable compliance, enhance collaboration and create new product and service offerings."


Our team comprises experienced technology, finance and business specialists
who have excellent track records of delivering multi-million dollar projects across Asia/Pac region


Biglabs transforms traditional system to data driven architecture.


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Biglabs is a privately held company based in Singapore which commenced operation since May 2012. We build software products and services to cater for our customers' big data needs. To date, we have more than 30 Data Scientists and growing.
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